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Keke Palmer in Cinderella [x]

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apiroscsizmak replied to your post: What I did last week:

What were your thoughts on The Last Five Years?

I explained in an earlier post (just click here). But basically, I love it.

Text 15 Sep 2 notes What I did last week:
  • watched a ton of films because of the Toronto International Film Festival
  • movies I saw (bolded - ones I love): Nightcrawler, St. Vincent, Men Women & Children, The Riot Club, Hector and the Search for Happiness, This is Where I Leave You, The Last Five Years, The Theory of Everything, Whiplash, Mommy, The Imitation Game, While We’re Young, Laggies, The Voices, Miss Julie, Wild, Bang Bang Baby, Before We Go
  • got autographs from J. K. Simmons and Xavier Dolan (director of Mommy)
  • got selfies with Dax Shepard, Corey Stoll, and Ben Schwartz
  • got an autograph and selfie with Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, I’m a Cumberbitch, but on a moderate level)
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The important thing about The Last Five Years is that I don’t feel like it’s the show’s job to tell you who’s at fault or what went wrong. It’s just a story that has to be told about two people who weren’t supposed to be together.

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Anna Kendrick singing “I Can Do Better Than That” from the movie adaptation of the musical The Last Five Years (x)

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I have a question about Cathy from The Last Five Years: Would you consider her as a strong female character? Why or why not?

I’ve debated this with myself a lot, but I’ve finally decided that I think she is a strong female character. However, her strength varies over the…

I like your idea about Cathy being a real character, i responded  to feminismintheatre with something similar. This is what lead me to your post. However, I disagree with you when you say that it is because of the break up and the road ahead that cathy is a strong character. I used to be such a huge cathy fanboy. I thought that it was a show all about JRB failed in his own marriage and that since he did all of these terrible things to his wife, he has to live with the consequences of them divorcing. Now after listening to it for the thousandth time (haven’t we all) I feel like The Last Five Years is about two flawed people that just couldnt make it together. I think Cathy has a lot to learn when it comes to relationships because even though they were going through difficult times, she still believed that she did absolutely nothing to earn the scars she has. Now, I don’t believe that it is totally her fault that the relationship crumbled, but I believe the marriage was doomed far before Jamie cheated. 

I also think that you may be interpreting that line in still hurting incorrectly. She says

"Jamie is over and where should I turn

covered in scars I did nothing to earn.

Maybe there’s somewhere a lesson to learn…”

Right here I think she is overwhelmed by her divorce and thinks that she might be able to learn from it

"…But that wouldn’t change the fact…

I cant change the past to escape this sadness that i feel

"…that wouldn’t speed the time…"

i cant fast forward to escape either

"…Once the foundation’s cracked and I’m still hurting"

What’s done is done and it makes me feel awful

I dont think she wants to escape the sadness so she could find herself outside of the relationship, she just wants to escape the sadness because she feels like crap. She thinks she could learn from it and tries to contemplate, but she immediately dismisses it because she doesn’t think it will make her feel any better.

Good analysis though. It was interesting. you could read mine too if you want.

I totally agree with you that it’s about two flawed people who just weren’t meant to make it. Jamie and Cathy each had their own individual problems, which is why the marriage was doomed, like you said, far before Jamie cheated. And I totally get what you’re saying about “Still Hurting.” In my analysis, I didn’t mention how she dismisses the idea that she can learn from her scars because I think the notion of learning a lesson is somewhere deeply rooted in her that just hasn’t been realized. What makes these characters so interesting is their multiple facets and some are deeper than others. Cathy’s potential to be successful is rooted in her, but was obviously never completely fulfilled. In the same way, I think she has the potential to be happy again by learning from her failed marriage, otherwise she would not have acknowledged the “lesson” in the first place. 

(This is fun and I enjoy your analysis very much!!)

good point with “she would not have acknowledged the ‘lesson’ in the first place” i didnt think of that.

and heck yeah, this is SO fun.

I read the entire thread and you two said it better than I did.

Cathy was a character that completely puzzled me on whether she is described as a “strong female character”. When I first listened to the cast recording, I thought Cathy was too one-dimensional and almost classified her as a manic pixie dream girl. But after listening to it several times, Cathy became more real to me and seeing that she has flaws and the emotions she had over Jamie made her a well-developed character.

I wanted to mention that throughout the movie, you see Cathy interacting with Jamie other than “The Next Ten Minutes”. In a way, it added more depth to the characters and you see how they developed throughout the entire relationship.

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I have a question about Cathy from The Last Five Years: Would you consider her as a strong female character? Why or why not?

Text 8 Sep 13 notes I saw The Last Five Years today

…and it’s pretty amazing.

I was worried on how they’ll adapt a two-hander show onto the big screen and they were able to work it out. The film remains faithful to the stage version, while there were a few minor changes to the script (which were approved by Jason Robert Brown himself) and having Cathy and Jamie interact more throughout the movie.

Anna and Jeremy were really great. During the screening, the audience really loved “A Summer in Ohio” and applauded at the end. 

The one thing I’m concerned is that I hope people who have no prior knowledge of the musical can understand the non-linear storyline the film follows. But all in all, the film is great and musical theatre nerds have no need to worry about.

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In infuriating perpetuation of rape culture news, an art gallery in Florida is going to be displaying the stolen nudes of celebrities at an upcoming art show.


Yes, you read that correctly. Photos that have been stolen from female celebrities over the years,…

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Link 5 Sep 76 notes Radius Kicks Off Toronto Sales With Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan Musical 'The Last 5 Years'»

The first major deal of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival has closed, as Radius has acquired North American rights to Richard LaGravenese‘s musical “The Last 5 Years,” which stars Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, the company announced Friday.

Radius will release the film on Valentine’s Day 2015, which means it will go head-to-head with Universal’s steamy “Fifty Shades of Grey,” as well as Matthew Vaughn‘s “Kingsman: The Secret Service.”

“Last 5 Years,” which premieres Sunday night at the Ryerson Theater, is based on the 2002 off-Broadway musical by Tony Award-winning composer and lyricist Jason Robert Brown.

Good news everybody.

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Hope everyone’s having a good week. Some things to say:

  • if any of you are back in school, I hope you will all have a great year. If you’re feeling stressed or anything whatsoever, just remember that there are people who are supportive for you and don’t be what others expect you to be. Just be who you want to be (sorry for sounding cliche)
  • today is my birthday. That’s all I could say.
  • I’ll be busy in the next couple of days because of TIFF. Some of the movies I”m seeing include The Last Five Years and Miss Julie. Someone asked me to write a review for Last Five Years, so I’ll try my best.
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slip-of-a-bolt said: Hi! Great blog- I just wanted to let you know that in the Les Mis "The Bachelor" post, you tagged it as Cassie Levy. That is actually Samantha Hill, who plays Cosette. Cassie is the excellent Fantine in the cast!

Thanks. I’ll fix that.

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Sorry if I haven’t been active lately. Let’s just say job hunting sucks.

In other news, the Toronto International Film Festival is coming up and I was able to get tickets for The Last Five Years. It’s one of my favourite musicals and I want to see how they work it out on the big screen.

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